Participation, performance and excellence

Rugby at St Edward’s follows the mantra above of participation, performance and excellence. This is encouraged through a distinct playing ethos and means in practical terms that all coaching sessions, processes and outcomes are based around player development. This entails developing the core values of the Rugby Football Union which are: teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.  Through these core values all pupils who participate in rugby will be rewarded with the physical, social and mental benefits associated with sport.

The performance level indicates that for some of our pupils, rugby represents an opportunity to play competitively against some of the other big rugby playing schools in the country, both in the full 15 aside game and in 7’s Rugby. The regular training, the opportunity to take part in strength and conditioning work and the desire to be successful and a more effective player is a challenge they meet head on.  Finally, excellence ensures that those boys who are talented rugby players, at times Sports Scholars, have access to all the opportunities and support they require to fulfil their potential. Their programme is driven by winning but it is not the only outcome.  They are supported by the very best medical and physiotherapy provision, including a match day physiotherapist and doctor.  St Edward’s players regularly attend academy sessions at WASPs, London Irish and Northampton and our Academy liaison is an important aspect to the elite level of rugby at St Edward’s.

Our coaches, including one England U16 coach, one County U16 coach and four former Oxford University Blues players, aim to develop leaders and decision-makers, and to promote game understanding, skill acquisition and enjoyment through active, purposeful and games-based practice. We strive to develop the whole player by focussing on the process not the outcome in a positive, interactive and challenging environment.

Rugby at St Edward’s is supported by a touring policy that allows pupils to experience an overseas tour during their five years at St Edward’s.

We aim to develop the whole rugby player by focussing on social and personal skills development: confidence (e.g. providing positive and beneficial feedback), connection (e.g. encouraging players to co-operate and demonstrate empathy), character and caring (e.g. sharing team values and showing respect for others) and creativity (e.g. encouraging players to find their own solutions to problems). Competence will be a natural outcome from social and personal skills development.

Fundamentally: better people make better rugby players.

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