An uplifting setting. An unrivalled mix of learning and culture.

“Shall I tell you what made St Edward’s different for me? Its location. There is no more sublime location — probably anywhere. You have the city, Port Meadow, the playing fields, the whole environment, and then Summertown as your own suburb. It’s an absolutely extraordinary coalition — the organic combination of city, suburb, countryside: it is amazing.”

Jon Snow OSE, journalist and television presenter

Our location has a huge impact on school life:

  • Strong links with academic departments at Oxford University; excellent opportunities for extending knowledge and interests beyond the curriculum.
  • Compact, easy-to-navigate city; 5 minutes by bus or 10 by bicycle from St Edward’s.
  • Oxford is a culturally sophisticated city — great news for those who wish to attend concerts, gigs, Evensong, exhibitions, plays and talks – not forgetting the impressive public programme at the School’s own North Wall.
  • St Edward’s pupils enjoy being part of a city. The School supports many local organisations (ORFC, Wolvercote Cricket and Hinksey Sculling, among others) and pupils energetically support local charities and institutions through fundraising and hands-on volunteering.
  • Cinemas, restaurants, cafés, milkshake bars and ice cream parlours —all very popular with our pupils!
  • At the heart of national transport links: two mainline train stations serving central London (1 hour); luxury coaches to London every 11 minutes; Birmingham and London Heathrow airports about an hour away.
  • Oxford is a beautiful city in which to live and work, a great asset when recruiting teachers and coaches.
  • Summertown, a thriving urban village, is 3 minutes from School, featuring coffee shops, delis, the school outfitters, an artisan bread shop, a bookshop, banks, supermarkets, a branch of Boots and a stationers’.

I loved being at school in a city. You experienced little bits of real life every day.
Christina Kirkham, OSE.
On Sundays, you are allowed to go into Oxford which has lots of shops, places to eat and cinemas. These opportunities really give you a sense of freedom which many other schools don’t offer. Even though the school is in a city, I always feel as if I’m in the countryside because of the greenery and quietness.
Phoebe Cain, Upper Sixth.
Being close to Oxford was a huge plus — it enabled us to get out of the comfort zone of the school environment and experience real life. There was an abundance of culture to soak up
Oly Seddon, OSE
Summertown is always a great place to go if you want to get out of School or if you need a break from something.
Maddie Catchpole, Upper Sixth.

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