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hall I tell you what made St Edward’s different for me? Its location. There is no more sublime location — probably anywhere. You have the city, Port Meadow, the playing fields, the whole environment, and then Summertown as your own suburb. It’s an absolutely extraordinary coalition — the organic combination of city, suburb, countryside: it is amazing.’ Jon Snow OSE, journalist and television presenter

Our location has a huge impact on school life:

  • Strong links with academic departments at Oxford University; excellent opportunities for extending knowledge and interests beyond the curriculum.
  • Compact, easy-to-navigate city; 5 minutes by bus or 10 by bicycle from St Edward’s.
  • Oxford is a culturally sophisticated city — great news for those who wish to attend concerts, gigs, Evensong, exhibitions, plays and talks – not forgetting the impressive public programme at the School’s own North Wall.
  • St Edward’s pupils enjoy being part of a city. The School supports many local organisations (ORFC, Wolvercote Cricket and Hinksey Sculling, among others) and pupils energetically support local charities and institutions through fundraising and hands-on volunteering.
  • Cinemas, restaurants, cafés, milk shake bars and ice cream parlours —all very popular with our pupils!
  • At the heart of national transport links: two mainline train stations serving central London (1 hour); luxury coaches to London every 11 minutes; Birmingham and London Heathrow airports about an hour away.
  • Oxford is a beautiful city in which to live and work, a great asset when recruiting teachers and coaches.
  • Summertown, a thriving urban village, is 2 minutes from School, featuring coffee shops, delis, the school outfitters, an artisan bread shop, a bookshop, banks, supermarkets, a branch of Boots and a stationers’.

What people think:

  • ‘I love being in a city. You experience little bits of real life every day.’ Christina Kirkham, OSE.
  • ‘On Sundays, you are allowed to go into Oxford which has lots of shops, places to eat and cinemas. These opportunities really give you a sense of freedom which many other schools don’t offer. Even though the school is in a city, I always feel as if I’m in the countryside because of the greenery and quietness.’ Phoebe Cain, Upper Sixth.
  • ‘Being close to Oxford was a huge plus — it enabled us to get out of the comfort zone of the school environment and experience real life. There was an abundance of culture to soak up.’ Oly Seddon, OSE
  • ‘Summertown is always a great place to go if you want to get out of School or if you need a break from something.’ Maddie Catchpole, Upper Sixth.

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