At St Edward’s, we place the highest value on preparing our pupils for their adult lives.


his means fostering academic excellence for all and instilling a robust and lasting sense of drive and purpose. As a boarding school we are able to offer a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom which not only enables our pupils to dream dreams but also allows them to develop the confidence, ambition and social awareness needed to face a lifetime of achievement and service.

As thirteenth Warden I am keen both to develop the legacy of my predecessors and also to continue to ensure that the school embodies the vision of the first Warden, Algernon Barrington Simeon, whose great plan is embodied in our glorious quad.

Our ambition is deliberately academic; we wish to drive forward the academic aspirations of our pupils and along with this their wider ambitions. We believe wholeheartedly in the idea that resilience, an essential attribute for the inhabitant of tomorrow’s world, is developed through academic work alongside the broader curriculum. Our mixing of the academic, the intellectual and the wider opportunities for service and engagement is an intentional approach to what used to be termed a “rounded education”. Holding this all together does not happen by chance.

Thus we aim to develop St Edward’s as a world-class school, leading the way in taking a broad and balanced approach to the education of boys and girls in a fully boarding environment. Based on the twin pillars of academic excellence on one side and a great range of wider opportunities on the other, our aim is to make St Edward’s a school which will ensure that the pupils are equipped to face the uncertainties of life as leaders with intelligence, integrity, resilience, moral courage, and a sense of service. St Edward’s pupils should stand out in their understanding of other people and the human condition.

Stephen Jones
13th Warden

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