Dance has featured at St Edward’s for many years but recently there has been a huge increase in the range and ambition of the dance programme.


atch the video below of the 2021 Dance Showcase, and visit Teddies TV for more dance videos.

Dance is taught in a purpose-built studio in The North Wall, and in studios in the Nuffield Health leisure facility on school grounds. We offer dance awards for the more ambitious and the tuition is designed to cater for both the expert and the novice. Lessons are offered by a team of twelve teachers in ballet, pointe, hip-hop, street jazz, flamenco, tap contemporary, modern, acro, breakdance, latin and cheerleading. Our dancers give three main performances a year: a Ballet Recital is presented in the Autumn Term, in the Spring Term we hold our Dance Show and in the Summer the dancers contribute to the Gaudy arts festival with a Dance Showcase. Dance-based musicals are regular features in the performance calendar. Many of our dancers enter for examinations in Ballet, Modern and Tap, and some go on to further study in dance and the performing arts. The Dance programme is run by our Head of Dance, Lisa Elkins.

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