Term Dates

Parents are earnestly requested to respect the school dates. Permission for early departures must be sought in good time via HMs.


erms end at 11.30am on the date given; Exeats and most Leave Weekends at 1.00pm. The first Leave Weekend of the Autumn Term begins after the Steeplechase at approximately 5.00pm.  Boarders should return by 9.00pm on the dates given, day pupils by 8.00am the following morning.


BeginsMonday 6th September
Leave WeekendThursday 30 September to Sunday 3 October
ExeatFriday 22 October to Monday 1 November
Leave WeekendThursday 18 November to Sunday 21 November
EndsSaturday 11th December


BeginsMonday 10th January
Leave WeekendFriday 28 January to Sunday 30 January
ExeatFriday 11 February to Sunday 20 February
Leave WeekendFriday 11 March to Sunday 13 March
EndsSaturday 26th March


BeginsTuesday 19th April
Leave WeekendFriday 6 May to Sunday 8 May*
ExeatFriday 27 May to Sunday 5 June
Leave WeekendFriday 17 to Sunday 19 June
EndsSaturday 2 July

* NB Bank holiday is Monday 2nd May

AUTUMN TERM 2022 (provisional)

BeginsMonday 5 September
Leave WeekendThursday 29 September to Sunday 2 October
ExeatFriday 21 October to Monday 31 October
Leave WeekendThursday 17 November to Sunday 20 November
EndsSunday 10 December

SPRING TERM 2023 (provisional)

BeginsMonday 9 January
Leave WeekendFriday 27 January to Sunday 29 January
ExeatFriday 10 February to Sunday 19 February
Leave WeekendFriday 10 March to Sunday 13 March
EndsSaturday 25 March

SUMMER TERM 2023 (provisional)

BeginsMonday 17 April
Leave WeekendFriday 5 May to Sunday 7 May*
ExeatFriday 26th May to Sunday 4 June
Leave WeekendFriday 16 June to Sunday 18 June
Ends with GaudySaturday 1 July

*NB Bank holiday is Monday 1st May

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