Learning Development

The Learning Development Department at St Edward’s provides advice to all staff working with pupils at the School. The department also supports pupils directly where necessary, working with them and with their parents to ensure the best possible educational outcomes.

The department is responsible for leading and ensuring the provision of support for pupils with SEND, both directly and through the teaching departments. It is also responsible for access arrangements for public examinations, including the related assessments and the gathering of information from teachers. 

We encourage the highest potential from our students regardless of a formal Specific Learning Difference (SpLD) diagnosisBy encouraging pupils to become more aware, mindful learnersour aspiration is for pupils to recognise their role in the learning process, and develop their own styles of thinking, learning and growth. Our practice works towards building resilience in the face of challenges and pleasure in overcoming them.

In addition the Head of Learning Development acts as the SENCo for the school and oversees all access arrangements for public examinations as well as a screening programme on entry to the School. 

For further information please contact the Registrar’s Office: 01865 319200.


Joanna Sephton BA, Wadham College, Oxford


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