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If you experience any difficulties accessing the School Portal, please alert our IT Dept via email at the following address:

As parents of St Edward’s pupils you can now check:

  • Pupil timetable, teaching set and teachers
  • Your personal details and notify changes
  • School reports and grade cards

Browsers supported: Internet Explorer 9 or above (Versions 8 or below are not supported), Google Chrome (latest version from the stable channel), Firefox (latest version) and Safari (latest version).

Recommended IT equipment for pupils

All pupils must bring their own laptop.

The choice is at parents’ discretion but we would recommend a Windows 7 or later based laptop which will offer the greatest compatibility with the systems and software used within the School.

Apple laptops, installed with OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later may also be used but may offer less compatibility with the School’s systems and software.

Samsung Galaxy tablets, iPads, iPad Pros and other such tablets are not suitable devices.

All devices should have Microsoft Office (Home and Student edition) installed; this should be 2013 or later for Windows PCs, or version 11 or later for Mac.

Alternatively, a copy of Microsoft Office 365 Professional is available free to download for all pupils once they have joined the School.

Laptops should include a full size keyboard for ease of typing and a screen size of at least 11″.

Pupils must also bring headphones for their laptop.

All laptops must be configured to regularly check for and install operating system updates and a good quality anti-virus application must be installed and set up for automatic updates.  A free version of Sophos antivirus software for most operating systems is available from

Please ensure that the latest versions of Flash Player and Java are also installed and that the laptop’s hardware and software is functioning correctly. The School cannot provide a repair service for damaged or non-functioning devices and can only provide basic advice for the resolution of software or hardware problems.