Sports Awards

Sports Awards at St Edward’s are available for entry at 13+ and 16+

The closing dates for 13+  and 16+ Sports Award applications for entry in 2021 have now passed. The deadlines for applications for entry in September 2022 will be in October 2021.

All candidates applying for an Award must be registered and sit an online test to demonstrate that they can benefit from the academic opportunities at St Edward’s. For 16+ entry the online test will be taken in the November of Year 11.  For 13+ entry the online test will be taken in the November of Year 8.

We offer Sports Awards to candidates who will become leading sporting figures in the school and to those with the potential to reach regional, national and international level.

At 13+, successful candidates will show considerable natural ability and will have achieved county level in one or more of our major sports. For boys these are rugby, hockey, rowing, cricket and tennis, and for girls, hockey, netball, rowing, tennis and cricket. At this age group, we are looking for enthusiastic leaders and team players who display all round talent and have the potential to compete in school sport at the top of their age group. Candidates must submit the two sports they wish to be assessed in, ranked in order of strength and substantiated by testimonials from their county or club coach.

At 16+, successful candidates will be competing regularly for their county or at a National level. They may specialise in one of our major sports, but will be expected to make a year round contribution to the competitive games programme at St Edward’s. A testimonial from their county/club coach should be included with the application. Candidates will train alongside our current pupils as part of the assessment process, along with a session with both our strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist.

All of our award holders act as sporting role models to others through their high levels of motivation and determination. Awards are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure continued commitment to the programme. Sports Awards are worth £1,000 per annum.

When possible, arrangements will be made for an appropriate member of St Edward’s staff to observe the applicant in action.

To apply for a Sports Award, please download and complete the relevant application form from the blue box to the right or top of screen, depending on the type of device you are using.

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