Apsley House

“The relationship between parents and HM is so important for the welfare of the pupils. It should be open, honest and operate in both directions. I always want to see parents at productions, sports fixtures and House events: it does so much for the morale of the pupils.”

Location: North edge of the Quad, above the Dining Hall

It was announced in early in 2021 that Apsley would soon join Cooper Lodge and Sing’s to become our latest co-educational House, the first on Quad Side. A major project has been started to transform the House, and Lower Sixth Apsley girls have now moved into an adjacent temporary House until the main Apsley upgrade is complete.

You can watch the film below to go on a virtual tour of three Teddies Boarding Houses, including Apsley.

Apsley is at the heart of the school, both physically and emotionally. Whilst we strive to be purposeful, engaging, determined and enthusiastic it is true to say there is no definitive model for the pupils from Apsley: there is academic endeavour and excellence, top level sport, fantastic creative ability in Music, Art, Design and Theatre, and a desire to succeed. Apsley is an original build from the school’s first days and the House has maintained the atmosphere and feel one gets from such buildings. Many of the rooms have mezzanine floors and the fantastic mural as you enter the ground floor really tells the story of what we stand for. 

Apsley pupils are well cared for by an experienced and talented group of tutors who do evening duties and see their charges at least once a cycle for 1-to-1 tutoring sessions. Matron helps to create a caring environment as well, and the relationships between year groups are strong: there is a sense of the pupils looking out for one another. It is a great community to be a part of and one that allows children to access all the wonderful opportunities the school has to offer, and to flourish as individuals.




From a former Head of House

Apsley is a House with a huge sense of community. We welcome everyone to the family and have a great team to support the new pupils as well as pupils who have been there for many years. Mrs Hamilton is in her second year as HM and has been outstanding in bringing new ideas and concepts forward for us to expand on. She has high standards which the pupils in House are always trying to exceed and she supports us all. Our Matron, Beth Hilsdon, is like a second mother. She is very kind and listens to you if you have a problem. And if that problem can be resolved she will do all she can to help. Matron also keeps the supply of food constant which is important in Apsley, because we enjoy making toast or snacks whilst having a chat about sport or general stuff around the School.

If you are joining the school as a new pupil in the Shell or Lower Sixth, then you don’t need to be worried or anxious as the House staff, along with the Prefects are here to make you feel welcome and settled. 


Housemistress: Clare Hamilton

Ross Simmonds (Assistant Housemaster)
Louise Duffy (Assistant Housemistress)
Jack Davies (Resident Tutor)
Juliet Ferguson (Resident Tutor)
Jamie Davies
Nic Bond
Jason Clapham
David Finamore
Phaedra Gowen
Andrew Halliwell

House Matron: Bethan Hilsdon
Head of House: Julian Ford
Deputy: Tom Niblett
William Barlow

Contact details: 01865 319230 or hamiltonc@stedwardsoxford.org

Click on the images below to see some pictures taken inside Apsley.

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