The Academic Life of St Edward’s


lassrooms are not what they used to be. Gone are the days when pupils sat quietly in rows, listening to a teacher, raising their hand to contribute. Pupils of today need to be able to work collaboratively, explore new ideas, and express themselves clearly and confidently. Sitting quietly in rows is wholly inadequate preparation for life in the 21st century.’

Matthew Albrighton, Deputy Head Academic


An overview:

  • Pupils prepare for GCSEs and IGCSEs in the Lower School, and choose the IB Diploma or A Level with the Extended Project Qualification in the Sixth Form.
  • Our youngest pupils, the Shells (Year 9), also complete the Shell Curriculum, which teaches the skills required for successful study – research, reflection, communication, collaboration and organisation, among others. In the Fourth Form, pupils undertake an independent research project.
  • In the Sixth Form, alongside their coursework, A Level pupils study our Taught Skills Course covering critical thinking, presentation and précis-writing.
  • Being in Oxford offers pupils unparalleled opportunities to benefit from the rich academic life of the University.
  • Some 80% of pupils go on to the best universities in the UK and overseas. Read a summary of pupils’ results and destinations 2016 here.

What people think:

  • ‘I like the working style at St Edward’s more than at my old school. St Edward’s encourages more interaction with teachers, which makes it easier to understand our objectives. Teamwork has given me much better ideas because of the different views expressed by my classmates.’ Oliver Koh, Fourth Form, Sing’s, Dover Court.
  • ‘All-round broad education with plenty of nurturing, perceptibly raising expectations and results while maintaining its discernible cheer and friendliness.’ The Good Schools Guide
  • ‘Lessons are much more fun – we really like working together.’ Fergus Flory, Fifth Form, Field House, Dragon.
  • ‘….the main thrust has been to eke more out of everyone, think good breezy airing, rather than squeezed through the wringer.’ The Good Schools Guide
  • ‘St Edward’s really likes to use collaborative work as a teaching method. If you find work hard, there are many ways in which you can get help.’ Jack Potter, Fourth Form, Apsley, Moulsford.


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