Academic Results 2021

David Flower, Deputy Head Academic said:

We are delighted that St Edward’s 2021 exam results continued a 10-year trend of ever-improving outcomes. After months of pandemic-related disruption, the class of 2021 showed great fortitude in producing some of the best results the School has ever seen.

At A level and IB, no fewer than 42 pupils achieved at least AAA, or 40 points or better, a truly remarkable achievement. Two IB pupils achieved full marks with 45 points each, and 94% of IB grades were awarded at levels 7-5. Amongst our pupils studying A Levels, 61% of grades awarded were at A* or A, while a further 83% grades were awarded at A*-B. Four of our 2021 leavers secured places at the University of Oxford to study PPE, Music, Engineering and Medicine.

At GCSE, very nearly 60% of results were at the highest 7-9 level, or A*/A in old money.

More widely, we are proud of all of our pupils. With so much time spent away from the classroom and with restrictions in place even whilst they were here in Oxford, their achievements are remarkable. Though top grades might grab the headlines, we celebrate every result that represents the culmination of hard work, determination and no little skill. 2020 and 2021 have been strange years to take exams and receive results, but this cohort have left the school in a stronger position than ever.

Combined A Level and IB Higher Level Results 2018 - 2021
A*/A + IB 7/6A*-B + IB 7-5A*-C + IB 7-4
A Level Results 2018 - 2021
A*/A A*-B A*-C
IB Higher Level Results 2018 - 2021
IB 7/6IB 7-5IB 7-4Average points score

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