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esults in 2017 reflected hard work across the board by Teddies pupils who posted a very strong set of outcomes with a number of outstanding highlights.

In the Sixth Form, 80% of all grades secured by 2017 leavers were at the top end: A*-B at A Level or Levels 5-7 in the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Over half (53%) were at the very highest level: A*/A at A Level, Levels 6/7 in the IB.

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St Edward’s Sixth Formers are in the unusual position of being able to choose between A Levels and the IB, allowing them to keep options open and to work to their strengths. With equal numbers studying each qualification, the Sixth Form is a lively academic community greatly enhanced by the international outlook of the IB.

One IB pupil, Aaron Gruen, was awarded the highest possible score of 45 points, a feat achieved by less than 1% of candidates worldwide. Aaron is taking a gap year and has been offered a deferred place to study Chemistry and Music at Brown University in the US.

The average point score for all IB candidates was 36; 58% of Higher Level grades were 6/7. Alongside Aaron, outstanding IB results were achieved by the following:

James Moore-Stanley, 42, Medicine at the University of Manchester

Nicola Roberts, 42, Philosophy at the University of Bristol

Carolina Rimoldi, 41, French and Russian at Christ Church, Oxford University

Anamika Pillai, 41, History at University College, London University

Eleanore Wood, 41, Geography at the University of Edinburgh

Konstantinos Doxiadis, 41, Philosophy, Trinity, Cambridge University

Paul Beckers, 40, Engineering, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Fergus Cameron Watt, 40, Economic and Politics, the University of Exeter

Will Deasy, 40, Economics and Geography, the University of Leeds

Izzy Barrand, 40, Management Sciences, Loughborough University

At A Level, 80% of all grades were A*-B, with 50% at A*/A.

Exceptional results were achieved by:

Noah Phipps, A*A*A*A* Physics, the University of Manchester

Immy Higgins, A*A*A* English Literature, Durham University

Robert Asatryan, A*A*AA Biochemistry, Somerville College, the University of Oxford

James Parsonage, A*A*A PPE, King’s College London

Eva Cottingham-Mayall, A*AAA Classics, Trinity College, the University of Cambridge

Joe Zietman, A*AAA PPE, Durham University

Ceci Sutcliffe, A*AAB Middle Eastern Studies, the University of Edinburgh

Em Catchpole, A*AA Destination to be confirmed

Lachlan Douglas Ferguson, A*AA Philosophy and Theology, the University of Bristol

Scarlet Eadie, A*AA History of Art, the University of Bristol

Rohan Pandya, A*AA International Relations, the University of Exeter

Theo Ross, A*AA Destination to be confirmed

Coco Vulliamy Taylor, A*AA Destination to be confirmed

Jeffrey Zhao, A*AA Chemistry, University College London

At GCSE level, more than 85% of grades were A*-B, with a record 33% A*; 62% were A*/A.

The following achieved particularly impressive GCSE results:

Tim Hohage, 11 A*, 1 A

Liz Yan, 11 A*, 1 A

Annabel MacDonald-Smith, 11 A*

Max Ogdon, 11 A*

Anish Mehta, 11 A*

Sybilla Hamilton, 11 A*

Michael Proskuryakov, 11 A*

Alexandra Orlova, 10 A*, 2 A

Ilana Cope, 10 A*, 1 A

Aerin Hobbs, 10 A*, 1 A

Poppy Webb, 10 A*, 1 B

Kyla Haslett-Hawkins, 9 A*, 2 A

Sanders Lau, 9 A*, 3 A

Warden Stephen Jones said, ‘These results are great testament to the hard work of our pupils and staff. The outstanding performance at the very top end means that pupils are truly embracing their studies and all the opportunities open to them to achieve at the highest level. We do all we can to motivate our pupils but the hard work must come from them – and I’m pleased to see in our 2017 results clear evidence that the vast majority took up the challenge’.

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For further information about the academic programme at St Edward’s, please email Matthew Albrighton, Deputy Head Academic

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