Teddies Presents

Welcome to Teddies Presents! 

Here, you can find all the events and entertainment from the Autumn Term. Please do enjoy watching them over the Christmas Holidays.

The Carol Service

Our Carol Service is filmed in the various school venues: Chapel, the Olivier Hall, the Weston Recital Room, the Dining Hall and the Roe Reading Room. It features popular carols and various choral items including a new carol composed by Lawrence Tao, our Assistant Head Academic. Please click on the image below to watch.

You can download the Order of Service here.


The Ballet Recital

A stunning festival of dance by talented Teddies pupils. 

The full programme is available here


The Crucible

A community tears itself apart after accusations of witchcraft, and the ensuing paranoia and hysteria. Arthur Miller’s masterpiece, The Crucible, based on the Salem witch trials, finds many modern parallels.

Programme available here.


The Festival of Remembrance (Fauré Requiem) – please click on the image below to watch:


The Shell Films.

Lower Sixth directors and Shell actors have worked together to come up with these unique performances and we know that they have all worked hard to bring us this fabulous entertainment. 

Please enjoy the creativity of our Shells in the film below:



Friday at Five -27th November 2020

One of our weekly montages showcasing the musical talent of pupils at Teddies.

 Friday at Five – 9th October 2020