Day Pupils at St Edward’s


ay pupils are allocated rooms in Houses and are as much part of the school community as their boarding peers; there are two to three day places per House per year. Roughly 15% of the School community choose to attend St Edward’s as day pupils.

“It’s fantastic. Teaching staff have no idea whether my son is a day boy or a boarder. I think it’s really wonderful — they are so well integrated that it makes no difference. This is unusual.”

Current parent

Pupils are expected to be in School between 7.45am and 8.00am each morning, ready for House Registration at 8.10am. Whilst academic work is undeniably at the centre of any education, the programme for a school day at St Edward’s is as varied and engaging as the pupils who follow it.

The day can include a myriad of sporting opportunities, arts, talks, debates and lectures, and rehearsals for music, drama and dance, alongside the invigorating approach to collaborative learning, intrinsic to the School’s academic ethos. Read more about the approach to learning at St Edward’s here.

Day pupils may leave School at 6.30pm during the week if they have no school commitments, but many choose to stay on until 9.00pm for supervised prep, extracurricular activities or leisure time with their friends. On Saturday afternoons, day pupils go home after sport or other commitments.

Pupils may go into Summertown, a small, bustling ‘village’ 2 minutes from School, at the end of the school day as long as they are with a friend. Summertown is home to many cafés, coffee shops and supermarkets and also features useful retail outlets such as Boots, a bookshop and a stationers’.

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