There are very few pupils at St Edward’s who do not think that their House is the best House and Oakthorpe House is no exception.


ome to Oakthorpe and see that it really is home to the 60 girls who live there. It’s where we work and play, where we share our highs and lows, where we have fun and where we learn to look after each other. We are proud of our academic results and our extra-curricular achievements — take a look at the pupil photos we have up on the walls to see quite how much we do.

We are a House with plenty of get up and go. In Oakthorpe, you might find yourself taking part in a 24-hour charity dance-athon, leading a Chapel service, involved in the Shell play, organising a disco or entertaining the school on a Saturday night. We enjoy the House traditions that bring us all together — the end of term House parties, Pancake day, the House dinner, our summer BBQ, House Chapel services, cake night on Thursdays and last but by no means least, ‘Oakthorpe Presents’, our annual House show. However, in Oakthorpe we also expect you to work hard and we want you to do the best you can. It is the education and learning that goes on in between the celebrations that is what you are really here for, the learning that goes with scholarship and the learning about relationships, the learning about other people and the learning about respect, support and community. At the end of the day, these are the things that also matter. We care about each other and our House motto is not ‘Amongst Friends’ for nothing.


Housemistress: Elizabeth Boast

Catherine James (Assistant Housemistress)
Lauren Mackrell (Resident House Tutor)
Suzanne Arbuthnot
Lucy Baddeley
Tova Dalgleish
Marie-Laure Delvallée
Monica Islam
Katherine Richard

House Matron: Sophie Sydenham
Head of House: Ayo Sule
Deputies: Eloise Newell
Isabella Piesse
Cicely Vane
School Prefect: Ella Davis
Head of School: Sassy Hammersley


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