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Opened in September 2013 and now in its seventh year, Jubilee is still (just!) the newest boarding House at Teddies and it has certainly come a long way since the foundation stone was laid. There have been changes: we have seen two cohorts go all the way through from Shells to the Upper Sixth, Charles Davies is in his second year as Housemaster, and there are a lot more hand prints on the wall, where everyone who passes through has made their mark. But what has not changed is the spirit and soul that all of those girls and staff have created, and we firmly stand by our values of courage, kindness, effort, honesty and respect.

When the girls arrive in Shells they go into bedrooms of two boarders (or two boarders and a day girl) and this arrangement continues until they reach the Sixth Form, at which point they move into individual en-suite rooms, all of which open out onto the magnificent central Atrium. This is a wonderful communal space, full of singing, chatting, piano-playing, table-tennis and laughter (and no mobile phones). It would be remiss not to mention the weekly flow of baked treats, too, that arrive every Saturday from the recipe book of our House Matron, Cassie, who has been with the House since it opened.

If Jubilee is known for anything it is being known for everything – we certainly have some first-class academics, but we also have sports players, musicians, dancers, actors, artists, writers, philosophers and humanitarians and there is a shelf full of trophies to prove it. The House may be impressive in its style but its inhabitants are full of character – please contact the Admissions Team to book a tour of St Edward’s and experience Jubilee House for yourself.

A word from former Head of House, Amy Theakstone

  • What’s your favourite activity as a House?

House Shouts! These are inter-House singing competitions which we hold every year. Singing is such a fun way to get the whole House together and there is a sense of competitiveness which adds to the experience.

  • What is the best thing about your HM?

Having a good relationship with your HM is very important when it comes to your boarding experience, especially as you work your way up the school. We all value the respect our HM shows us and the friendly relationship we have with him.

  • What is the best treat or baked item that your Matron makes for you?

Cassie’s break time snacks always help us get through periods 1 and 2! We have healthy breaks with carrots, cucumber, pepper and dips or cheese board breaks. Our favourite snacks are those on bake days when we get delicious cakes or sweet snacks baked for us.

  • What’s the most popular in House activity?

We also all come together after getting up to different things, whether it’s a school concert or spending time in Oxford and have snacks and drinks with our HM. Sixth Formers come together on Saturday nights for cheese and wine. 

  • What do you do in House with the other year groups?

For the first time this year we had a ‘Family Olympics’ – we had an afternoon of events like tug-of-war and water balloon relays. Our ‘family’ teams were a mix of all year groups. It was a great opportunity to integrate all the year groups.


Housemaster: Charles Davies
Tutors: Susan Holland (Assistant Housemistress)
Chloe Riddle (Resident Tutor)
Louise Bowen
Hari Choudhury
Ann-Laure Davies
Katrina Eden
Flora Nelson
Linda Raabe-Marjot
Hannah Towndrow
House Matron: Cassie Cooper
Head of House: Bella Link
Deputies: Sophie Tompkins
Sofia Shapovalova

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