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uring an annual away day, the House prefects sat on Whittenham Clumps in the Oxfordshire countryside and developed the values by which they would like the House to live. They include respect, trust, encouragement, cleanliness, inclusion, excellence, good character, and enjoyment. The boarding house is a welcoming place where all the boys have the opportunity to develop in a supportive and comfortable environment.
Our House benefits from a central location set on the east side of the Quad. Our Shells (first year pupils aged 13) settle in quickly, sharing in rooms of four boarders and dayboys under the watchful eye of House Staff and Upper Sixth Prefects who act as mentors. There are three kitchens for preparing snacks in addition to a Junior and Senior Common Room. We hope that the all the boys find the atmosphere in House to be relaxed yet purposeful, with an emphasis on developing the personal qualities that will enable them to stand on their own two feet as they leave us for the outside world. Whether their strengths lie in the classroom, on the sports field, in the orchestra or on the stage, individuals are encouraged to blaze their own trail.  

House Chapel is occasionally held on the roof of the building. During one such service, the Head of House wrote a fitting prayer:

Prayer for Cowell’s
With a refreshed House, new furniture, new pupils and a new year,
it is vital Cowell’s creates a strong community.
Support for each other is a value we should cherish.
Love and respect for one another is integral,
so we can overcome the sky-high barriers we so often come across.
Whether those barriers be homesickness, academic pressure, sporting rivalries or sour relationships;
a united Cowell’s, with God by our sides, will be able to surpass all obstacles.

Please do come and visit us in Cowell’s.  Please make an appointment by contacting the Admissions Team on +44 (0)1865 319200.

You can follow us on twitter @TeddiesCowells

A word from former Head of House, Mfon Awak-Essien

  • What’s your favourite activity as a House?

The favourite activity of the House is Herds Night. Herds is a simple concept – everyone within the House is put into one of four different groups, and these groups compete for prizes. This usually happens on a Tuesday night but can happen on any day of the week. We play football, dodgeball etc.

  • What is the best thing about your HM?

He is very understanding. He actively tries to help us, whether with our work or with making improvements to the House. He will always listen and offer understanding if we have an issue or problem whether internally within the House or externally and will do his best to help us fix it. He rarely doles out punishments, instead preferring to talk to the individual concerned to come to an agreement to solve the problem.

  • What is the best treat or baked item that your Matron makes for you?

Our Matron makes the most amazing cakes which we have the pleasure of enjoying during break, after games or after school on a Wednesday. We so appreciate the extra things she does for us – like baking – that make school life that much more enjoyable!

  • What’s the most popular in House activity?

Playing table tennis and pool. We have House tournaments for both.

  • What do you do in House with the other year groups?

We have Herds Nights and also Waffle Nights. Waffle Nights happen at around 9pm on some weeknights . Everyone from the House goes into Mr Palferman’s kitchen and we eat waffles and discuss school life. Our Lower Sixth do House mentoring, each pupil is allocated a Shell to look after. This means the Shells always have someone to go to if they need help with anything or just want someone to talk to.


Housemaster: Simon Palferman
Tutors: Paolo Torri (Assistant Housemaster)
Christopher Tyer (Resident Tutor)
Oliver Barstow
Adam Hahn
Jon Ingram
Jonny Lambe
Garrett Nagle
John Wiggins
House Matron: Stephanie Carter
Head of House: Archie Bailey
Senior House Prefects: Cosmo Del Mar
Jack Piesse
Oliver Ward

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