Higher Education advice at St Edward’s is tailored to individual needs — whether that is for applications to British or other universities, or indeed other types of training.


e have a team of three to help with HE advice and have a great deal on offer.

The vast majority of our pupils are looking to move onto a UK university and therefore advice on what course to apply for, where and when are given from the start of the Spring Term in the Lower Sixth. Parents and pupils are invited along to the Higher Education Briefing which is given just after the Lower Sixth parents’ meeting. This briefing gives a short introduction to the process of applying for UK universities through UCAS. The process can be very daunting so the aim of the department is to give as much help and advice as possible to ensure successful entry into the most suitable university for the individual.

Specific advice and workshops are held for those wishing to apply for the most competitive universities, Oxbridge, medicine, dentistry or veterinary courses including interview practice and assistance and advice on preparing for any aptitude tests needed.

Putting all of this together and finally making the online application through UCAS is started at the end of the Lower Sixth year and continues into the beginning of the Upper Sixth year.

We are unusual at St Edward’s in giving help to OSE applying to university as if they were at School and many have found this useful.

We pride ourselves on our success with helping our pupils to get to the best Higher Education institution of which they are capable or into the right course or training for them; a glance at our Higher Education Destinations tells the story.

For information please contact Nicola Hunter.

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