Martyrs Rowing

The 2015 Wallingford Head of the River on Saturday, while frustrating for the school boats, was a new dawn for the Martyrs Boat Club. Not one, but two crews raced in the aptly named St Edward King and Martyr over the two divisions albeit relying on the magnificent Hamish Floyd (F 1993), Dave Lambourn (E 2004) and George Kitovitz (H 2004) rowing twice. With a combined age of 290 (a fifth of which was the bow-man) the crew in the afternoon raced as Masters B — an event they won if only by dint of no opposition. They were however the fastest Masters crew on the water, but with the handicapping system applied, were second to an even older Upper Thames crew. The younger boat was far too highly ranked due to recklessly winning too much as youths and had to compete in the open, Senior event but impressed with a top 25 placing overall. Both boats beat Sabrina (Shrewsbury School), the only other Alumni boat in the competition. Racing in a howling gale and, at times, very rough water, watermanship was more highly prized than fitness — which played to their strengths and with superb steering, they negotiated the course impressively.

The Crews (from bow):

Less Old: Will Morgan (B), Ed Nurick (E),  Hamish Roots (F), Dan Cadoux-Hudson (C), Cam MacRitchie (H), George Kitovitz (H), Ben Smith (F), Dave Lambourn (E), cox Nic Cadoux-Hudson (Mrs)

Not so Young: John Wiggins (MCR), Dave Lambourn (E), Hamish Roots (B), George Kitovitz (H), Andy Bird (A), Dave Burton (C), Hamish Floyd (F), Mike Lambourn (E), cox Emma Searle (D).

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