Ballet Recital

A highlight of the Autumn Term is the Ballet Recital given by all those taking ballet lessons in the school. There is a particularly strong group of ballet dancers in the Upper Sixth and they have given splendid performances over their five years at the school — we will be very sad to see them go at the end of the academic year. They were on sparkling form on Tuesday evening and the atmosphere was enhanced by the clever lighting design created by Casper Sunley. Grace Allen, Lydia Jones-Parry, Kim Pushong, Emma Isola, Saskia Chancellor, Grace Jones, Poppy Kettlewell and Isabelle Rayner are all members of the Upper Sixth and all featured very strongly in this demanding programme. Emma Isola’s speech at the end was rather short of breath after the exertions of the dancing! The younger year groups were also well represented in this programme of performances with a seasonal theme and all the dancers assembled for a glorious finale (Celtic Carol) choreographed by the Producer — Lisa Elkins. We look forward to the Dance Show to be held in the Hall on Saturday 27th February.

Neville Creed
Director of Cultural Activities

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