The counselling service at St Edward’s is unique, in that there are two counsellors available every day of the week.

All of the Shell entry meet a counsellor on their very first evening in the School, as do all new Lower Sixth pupils. We also meet the Shells in our consulting room, in small groups of six, which gives them the space to ask questions, voice concerns, and think about what it means to arrive at a new school. We let children know how to contact us, where the boundaries of confidentiality are, and we make it clear that at St Edward’s, it is not seen as a failing to be able to acknowledge the existence of emotional difficulties, but as a strength.

We are in regular contact with Housemasters, Housemistresses and Matrons, to think with them about the children in their care. We feel strongly that the ability to support children can only be enhanced by a thorough understanding of, and engagement with, the School as a whole. However, we manage to do this without compromising client confidentiality, which remains at the core of everything we do.

We are available every day of the week by appointment. Staff are experienced in making referrals to the counsellors, and may suggest to pupils that coming along is a good idea. However, the service remains voluntary. There is one exception to this, children who have taken part in, or caused unkindness to other children, are required to attend three structured sessions, to help them think about how and why they might be behaving in this way. Pupils and parents are welcome to contact us, in confidence, if they have any particular concerns that they would like to discuss. Counselling at St Edward’s is free, confidential and available to both staff and pupils.

We hope that all of the children in our care have a happy and fulfilling time at St Edward’s, but we also recognise that during the normal course of any adolescence there will be some turbulence, and we are here, alongside the staff, to help when circumstance feels overwhelming.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by email:
Telephone: 01865 319327

Here are some of the things that the children and staff we have worked with have to say about the experience of counselling:


It helps!
Current pupil
This invaluable service offers a platform upon which to grow and develop as a more self- aware individual, and one who can better cope with what life throws at them.
Former pupil
The counselling service at St Edward’s has helped me so much in my time here. Knowing that there was someone who was friendly and welcoming that I could talk to, safe in the knowledge that everything I said was confidential was such a relief. I felt that I could talk about anything that was bothering me, and the counsellors were always very free and helpful with their advice which I will always be very grateful for.
Current pupil

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