Sing’s is a friendly and welcoming House, which takes its name from John Millington Sing who was the school’s fourth Warden.


s their home in term time, the boys spend a significant proportion of their time in and around the House. Our location on the “Field” side of the school campus is considered a real advantage, with the school’s excellent sports facilities on our doorstep and the school’s Health Centre just a stone’s throw away. The “commute” to the main school quad is a short five minute walk which helps to freshen the boys up for their first lesson each day.

There is a refreshing absence of inter-year hierarchy with boys across all year groups relaxing together on the sofas in the Lobby or playing highly competitive games of table tennis and pool in the first floor games room. At the heart of the House is the Lobby, which tends to act as the focal point for House meetings and events. Just off the Lobby is the Junior Common Room complete with sofas, beanbags and SKY TV and next door is a kitchen for the junior boys complete with ubiquitous toasters and microwave. Sixth Formers can retreat to their own basement hideaway to relax and unwind. For their first year the Shells are in four-man dorms and then, as Fourth Formers, boys share doubles or occasionally triples. Thereafter boarders can usually expect to have their own room.

As a House, we try to seek a healthy balance between academic work and a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. Each member of the House is encouraged to find something he has a passion for, whether that be intellectual, artistic or sporting. Typically Sing’s is well represented in all the school’s concerts, theatre productions or sports matches. Every individual is valued for their unique talents and interests no matter where these may lie. The boys are fiercely loyal and take great pride in representing the House. Each year we run various events that involve the whole House, such as the annual Superstars day and a recent charitable Marathon Challenge.

Our ultimate aim is to nurture young men who can emerge from the School with a wide range of knowledge and a variety of experiences that will help enrich their lives long after they have left Sing’s. The friendships forged from living together here will often last for life.

I very much hope that you will come and see Sing’s for yourself. You will be made very welcome.

A word from the Head of House, Isaac Brennan

  • What’s your favourite activity as a House?

My favourite activity as a house is going down to the Astros to play football after prep. We have a weekly football tournament where the House is split into teams of six and we all play well together.

  • What is the best thing about your HM?

His pride in the boys of the House. He always awards us when we win a competition and looks after us, making sure everyone lives well together and the House is in good shape.

  • What is the best treat or baked item that your Matron makes for you?

Chicken nuggets!

  • What’s the most popular in House activity?

Playing Fifa on the PS4 or playing pool in the Sixth Form Common Room.

  • What do you do in House with the other year groups?

We all play games together. I am looking forward to getting the whole House together for a House Shout in which every year group is present and participates.


Housemaster: Jonathan Burbidge
Tutors: Rob Craze (Assistant Housemaster)
Peter Swainson (Resident Tutor)
Rachel Bellamy
Rob Cottrell
Catherine Greves
Holly Hyams
Phil Jolley
Fred Tao
Tom Wyatt
House Matron: Marcia Nash
Head of House: Isaac Brennan
School Prefects: Ferdi van der Heiden

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