At St Edward’s the day doesn’t begin and end on the sounding of the lesson bell, it is a 24-hours a day, 7 days per week school.


here is no single definition of a Teddies day: it is entirely what you make of it. Pupils fit in over 500 hours of individual music lessons each week, play in orchestras and bands, sing in choirs and take part in more than 90 clubs, societies and activities – many of which are pupil-led. They play several sports, take dance lessons, rehearse for the regular and highly-regarded drama and dance performances and are involved with innumerable activities in one of our 13 Houses. This is as much true of day pupils as it is of boarders, who live and work in the same boarding Houses – in fact, many teachers comment that they aren’t able to tell which pupils are boarders and which are day.

Whilst the day-to-day schedules of pupils are full and varied, there is still time for pupils to benefit from the school’s location in Oxford. The freedom and independence they experience from being able to visit the cafes and shops in nearby Summertown, and the cultural and social hot spots in Oxford on Sundays, mean that pupils can enjoy a few moments away to recharge their batteries, maintaining a tangible sense of connection with the wider world without feelings of restriction. For more information about how the school benefits from our location in Oxford, please click here.

Life in House plays a significant part in each pupils’ time at St Edward’s, often acting as the core environment for the sense of community and friendliness for which the School is known. 

See what you can typically expect from life in House at St Edward’s in this film made by former pupils:

The pupils are supported in their busy schedules through a comprehensive and engaged pastoral care system, which is accessible at many levels from House staff and tutors, to Counsellors and Chaplains, and members of the Sixth Form trained as Peer Listeners. You can read more about the school’s outstanding pastoral care provisions here.

Pupils and parents tell us that the School’s friendly atmosphere and sense of community are among its key strengths. Find out more in their own words:

Good values but not a straight-jacket so individual personalities can develop.
Current parents
We chose Teddies because it is co-ed, with a wonderful reputation for happiness.
Current parents
In the last few years, Teddies has changed into a serious academic institution without sacrificing the easy-going tone. It is a kindly place, which allows the pupils to grow.
Current parent
I loved the sense of community — you really got to know who absolutely everyone was over time.
Will Webb, recent OSE
….the main thrust has been to eke more out of everyone, think good breezy airing, rather than squeezed through the wringer
The Good Schools Guide
At Teddies, a slightly smaller co-ed school, you’ve got more of a chance of making an impression; of being something or doing something.
Prep Head
My parents gave me The Good Schools Guide and I chose Teddies; it has lived up to everything in the review but especially on the friendship and friendliness front.
Pupil quoted in The Good Schools Guide

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