Let it Roar, Let it Rage, We Shall Come Through




Chris Nathan OSE, School Archivist at St Edward’s, has produced this, his latest history of St Edward’s and its former pupils, focusing on the Second World War as experienced at the School and by the approximately 1,600 former pupils and staff who fought in the conflict. The exploits and experiences of over 790 OSE are mentioned by name, the stories of many of whom are probably being recorded for the first time. 

A chronological piece charting the accounts of the individuals in the various theatres of war, and the Home Front experiences of the School itself from 1939 into the immediate post-war years, the book has made use of ‘living testament’ to corroborate and steer many passages.

This new book is published as a companion to Chris’s 2015 history of the School in the Great War, Members of a Very Noble Friendship.

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