Dance Awards

Dance Awards at St Edward’s are available for entry at 13+ and 16+

The closing date for 13+ applications is Monday 4th January 2021. The closing date for 16+ entrance and Award deadline for entry in September 2021 is Monday 12th October 2020.

All candidates applying for an Award must be registered and sit an online test to demonstrate that they can benefit from the academic opportunities at St Edward’s. For 16+ entry the online test will be taken in the November of Year 11.  For 13+ entry the online test will be taken in the January of Year 8.

Candidates will show considerable natural ability and have begun to reach high standards on the stage. We are looking for individuals who possess the attributes that are vital to any stage production: dedication, reliability, flexibility, imagination and team working skills. They will justify their scholarship by acting as an example to others through their high levels of motivation and their approach to all aspects of school life.

Watch a clip of our recent Ballet Recital  below.

The audition will include:

  • Participation in a group dance exercise
  • Learning and performing a street jazz/modern dance routine
  • An interview with the Head of Dance and Director of Music and the Arts
  • A performance of a prepared solo in any style of the candidate’s choice. This should not be more than one and a half minutes long. Candidates should bring music, if required, on CD, iPod, or similar. Choreography can be by the candidate or another choreographer; candidates should be prepared to say something about the piece, its music and its choreography

Candidates are asked to submit a portfolio of their dance achievements to include information on examinations passed, competitions and performances, teachers, workshops and photographs. Candidates may wish to submit an excerpt of one of their performances on video or DVD. The portfolio should be submitted with the application form.

Award holders will:

  • Undertake a minimum of four dance classes per week to include two core classical technique classes and two in disciplines of the pupil’s choice. Participation in additional classes is encouraged, but these will be at the individual’s expense
  • Undertake independent practice and study of dance and keep a reflective log of their dance experience
  • Make a full contribution to the performing arts life of the school, participating as much as possible in school theatrical productions, especially musical theatre and dance performances, and attending dance events arranged by the school

For more information about Dance at St Edward’s, please click here.

To apply for a Dance Award, please download and complete the Arts Award application form and tick the appropriate box where indicated. The form is available in the blue box to the right or top of screen, depending on the type of device you are using.

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