Art Awards

Art Awards at St Edward’s are available for entry at 13+ and 16+. 

The closing date for 13+ applications is Monday 4th January 2021. The closing date for 16+ entrance and Award deadline for entry in September 2021 is Monday 12th October 2020. 

All candidates applying for an Art Award must be registered and sit an online test to demonstrate that they can benefit from the academic opportunities at St Edward’s. For 16+ entry the online test will be taken in the November of Year 11.  For 13+ entry the online test will be taken in the January of Year 8.

Candidates will show considerable natural ability and have begun to reach high standards of proficiency in their creative work, both in terms of technique and in how they develop ideas. We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who make either subject a major part of their school life. For ease, good quality photographs of larger three-dimensional works, exceptionally fragile pieces or installations are acceptable in the portfolio. Work can also be viewed in digital format including on websites, CDs and USB sticks.

Candidates are asked to submit a portfolio of recent work which shows, through a variety of media, an above average commitment and fascination for the subject. It must also extend beyond work which is set by their teacher. Sound investigatory drawings from direct observation are of particular interest to us and should form part of the portfolio. Ceramic pieces are encouraged if properly wrapped and labelled as fragile. Work should not be over presented in frames, and pictures under glass will not be accepted.

13+ candidates

On the Award day, candidates will be asked to draw from observation for approximately two hours and all necessary materials will be provided. This is a relaxed occasion within the Art Department and should in no way be considered an exam. The giving of an award does not wholly depend on work produced on this day as we recognise that good work cannot be produced under stressful or over-pressurised conditions. Candidates will be asked to discuss their work and review their portfolio with the Head of Art and one other member of the department.

16+ candidates

Candidates will be asked to discuss their work and review their portfolio with the Head of Art. There will be no drawing assessment on the day; evidence of observational drawing should be submitted as part of the portfolio. Successful candidates are required to study Art at either A Level or IB. All award holders will be expected to maintain standards of excellence and attend scholars’ reviews and extra drawing lessons on a regular basis.

For more information about Art at St Edward’s, please click here.

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