Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships at St Edward’s are available for entry at 13+ and 16+

The closing date for 13+ applications for 2021 is Monday 4th January 2021. The closing date for 16+ entries and 16+ Scholarships and Awards for 2021 Entry is Monday 12th October 2020.


cademic endeavour lies at the heart of St Edward’s. All pupils are expected to work hard and take advantage of the opportunities for intellectual advancement available to them. For those pupils who demonstrate exceptional academic ability, St Edward’s offers Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions on entry to the School at Year 9 and Year 12. Details for candidates in Year 9 are below left, and the criteria for awarding in Year 12, which all entrants are eligible for are below right.

Entry at 13+

Candidates may only sit for the award at St Edward’s. Candidates not coming from a prep school are strongly encouraged to apply as we take into consideration that they have not been following a specific scholarship or Common Entrance syllabus.

Candidates will sit the 13+ online test in January 2021 and then attend St. Edward’s to sit a series of set papers in March 2021. Candidates will also be involved in a group discussion where their ability to lead and support others in scholarly conversation will be explored.



All scholarship candidates will be interviewed. Questions will try to follow up specific knowledge, but will also range more widely around interests, skills and personality. The interviewers will be looking for scholarly potential and evidence of academic and cultural enthusiasm. Reflection on experience, thoughtfulness and perception will count more than accumulation of information.

Entry at 16+

All candidates for Sixth Form entry will be considered for an Academic Scholarship or Exhibition. Examinations are broad based and designed to test potential. They do not test knowledge of a particular syllabus.

The criteria for the awarding of places will be:

  • A range of GCSE passes including a minimum of six at grades 6, 7, 8 or 9
  • A good performance in the 16+ Online Test
  • A wide variety of interests
  • The ability to contribute to, and benefit from, life in a boarding school
  • A good report from the candidate’s current school

To apply for an Academic Scholarship, please download and complete the relevant application form from the blue box to the right or top of screen, depending on the type of device you are using.

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