Design Technology

An important feature of Design Technology is that it makes immediate and practical use of knowledge and skills from other school subjects. It is linked with Art and Design, Mathematics and Science, but other subjects can also contribute, because Design Technology influences our lives in so many ways.

In the development of a design task, knowledge and skills from other school subjects are combined with personal interests and put to use. A natural extension is to consider the effects of technology on the development of society and to appreciate the balance of advantage and disadvantage in those developments

“The teaching of quality design and technology in our schools is a vital requirement for the country’s future in the 21st century”

James Dyson

Design Technology is a challenge to all young people. It requires initiative, an enquiring mind, determination, the careful allocation of time and resources and a sense of responsibility for making decisions and taking action. These qualities are strengthened through designing and making.

It also provides a useful platform for further study in areas such as engineering, architecture, management, urban planning and education, as well as the more directly design base careers.

In the Design Technology Department, we work hard to provide all our pupils with the opportunity to identify, realise and develop their talents.

“The jewellery workshop is quite unique and well-received.”

Current Parent

Time management and resource planning are integral aspects of design and technology that the astute pupil soon learns to use in all areas of life. We demand a lot from our pupils but give them the honest encouragement that makes them believe they are capable of attaining the highest they can. We are repaid by excellent IB, A Level and GCSE grades, but more importantly by seeing our pupils apply their creativity to this subject and other aspects of their lives.

Our best individuals will go on to justify their place in the pool of future engineers, designers and architects essential to the further prosperity of Britain and other nations.

Head of Department: Oliver Barstow


Oliver Barstow MEng, Nottingham Trent University
Catherine Holliday BA, Bournemouth University
Laura French BSc, Bangor University
Andy Halliwell BA, Loughborough University
Susan Holland BSc, Nottingham Trent
Andrew Rush MSc in Education, BA, Industrial Design and Technology, PGCE, DT with QTS, University of Loughborough
Assistant: Thomas Blundell 
Technicians: Stuart Giles, Susannah Baldwin, Lucian Taylor, Matthew Stone

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