Careers advice direct from the real world of work, firmly rooted in the academic programme.


t. Edward’s continually introduces new initiatives to increase the scope and relevance of careers education for every pupil and to ensure that it is an integral part of his or her time at the School. These initiatives provide present-day experience of the commercial and professional realities of life after school and university. The importance of germane and contemporary careers education (given in tandem with pupils’ academic studies) cannot be overemphasized and is of equal importance to those continuing on to university as it is to those who choose to follow an alternative route.

Careers education at St. Edwards is closely scrutinised and plays a significant role in every pupil’s progression through the School. Their progress is carefully monitored, and advice and guidance are continually available. This ensures that each pupil has the opportunity to gain a far more realistic view of the working world before embarking on decisions, including subject choices for GCSE, A Level and IB, that will have a lasting impact on their lives beyond school and Higher Education.

The Careers Education Department also remains available to pupils after they leave St Edward’s, during their gap year if they take one, and throughout their time at university. Pupils who do not go to university enjoy exactly the same availability for the corresponding period.

For more information, please contact James Vaughan-Fowler, Head of Careers Education, at or on 01865 319214

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