The Quad Development

Outstanding new academic facilities are currently being constructed in the Quad alongside a stunning, oval-shaped Hall.

The most significant development at St Edward’s for over 100 years.

Education is changing. Gone are the days when pupils sat quietly in rows, writing down what the teacher said, raising their hands to speak. Classrooms at St Edward’s are now lively, busy places where the pupils debate, discuss and question – and learn as much from each other and their own research as they do from their teacher.

Underpinning this dynamic new academic ethos is an acknowledgement that individual pupils learn in different ways. Each pupil will need to employ a range of learning methods in order to achieve their full potential. Sometimes quiet reflection and research is required, sometimes debate, discussion and group work.


The new facilities have been designed to address explicitly the modern requirement for flexible, varied work spaces. Great emphasis has been placed on facilitating collaboration and group-work, vital components of classroom practice at St Edward’s.

To read about St Edward’s academic approach in more detail please click here.

The Development comprises:

  • A modern, busy library, where the latest technology will be available alongside the book-lined shelves. The technology is designed to support collaboration and human interaction rather than detract from it – pupils will be encouraged to talk to each other and to share their work.
  • A café area where pupils can work on their own with their laptop or come together in informal groups for discussion and planning.
  • An elegant, top-floor Reading Room for quiet research, study and reflection. The architecture draws heavily on the best of Oxford University’s libraries – and is designed to be as inspiring as possible.
  • A stunning new oval-shaped hall with seating for 1,000 – so that our growing community can come together on a regular basis, for assembly, performances, meetings, exams and countless other functions.
  • Flexible classrooms which can be configured for large or small groups.
  • A new Higher Education and Careers Department.

Designed by TSH Architects, the Development is scheduled for completion by this autumn.

Teddies is a place of strong and growing academic ambition. We are about to cast that ambition in stone, brick and glass.
Chris Jones, Chair of Governors
Everyone at Teddies has a say - it isn't just the teachers leading things - and I think the new rounded Hall really replicates that ethos.
Fergus, Sixth Form
This is a tremendously exciting project, all aimed at giving our pupils the best possible opportunities in the best possible facilities for their academic future.
The Warden

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