St Edward’s has been fully co-educational for more than 20 years, and welcomed the first girl into the Sixth Form over 35 years ago.


undamental to the nature of education is the premise that pupils are instilled with the skills, knowledge and thinking to advance the world around them. A good education system, therefore, works towards the creation of gender equality. It teaches tolerance for the opinions of others, whilst instilling the ability to positively challenge and change conventional wisdom.

“A strong reason for co-education is that separating children for a number of years means they will not be mixing and learning about each other.”

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Trinity College, Cambridge

Why co-education works for St Edward’s

  • Co-educational institutions can offer a better representation of wider society and its diversity, preparing pupils for the realities of the world of work.
  • Studying in a co-educational learning environment affords pupils exposure to female and male role models in staff and senior pupils. 
  • Collaborative work in the classroom, activities and social settings provides the opportunity to learn from each other intellectually as well as socially.
  • It is an approach that we also bring to the Boarding House structure, with both male and female staff in each House, which will be developed further with the opening of a new co-educational House in 2020.

Co-Education at St Edward’s, the pupils’ view

Current pupils at the School give their own perspectives on what co-education brings to Teddies.

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