IB Results 2020

In this most unusual of years, nearly 100 pupils at Teddies received their International Baccalaureate results yesterday. With final exams cancelled, the IB Organisation calculated results based on pupils’ hard work over the full two years in the Sixth Form, not least from the coursework that forms an important part of every subject. 

Deputy Head Academic, Matthew Albrighton, said, ‘This year, more than ever, we are reminded that the value of the IB Diploma is so much more than the final exams. The skills, experiences and knowledge gained over the two years will continue to stand our pupils in good stead for the rest of their lives. I’m incredibly proud of the way they’ve coped with this year’s circumstances, and this indomitable spirit – so characteristic of Teddies – will carry them far.’

Over 82% of Higher Level grades were 7-5 (A*-B).



The following pupils achieved outstanding results:

Natalia Elezovic, 41 points, Comparative Literature, University College London

Ella Leeson, 41 points, next steps to be confirmed

Gwendy Davenport, 40 points, Modern Languages, Somerville College, Oxford

Ben Courtney-Guy, 39 points, History, Bristol University

Alex MacCrindle, 39 points, PPE, Nottingham University

Flo von Simson, 39 points, Philosophy, Bristol University  

Will Tozer, 38 points, Anthropology at Durham

Oscar Hilton-Johnson, 38 points, next steps to be confirmed

Lola Mora Balil, 38 points, Environmental Studies and International Affairs at Northeastern, Boston, USA

Can Morand, 38 points, Biomedical Sciences, King’s College London

Eva Livingstone, 38 points, next steps to be confirmed

Many pupils used the breadth of the IB Diploma to open up alternative future routes: Elaine Gschwandtner, with 37 points, will take up her place to study Ballet Education at the Royal Academy of Dance; and Phoebe Taylor, who achieved 35 points, will study Acting at Arts University Bournemouth.

As ever, the IB offers an excellent stepping stone to opportunities abroad and a significant group will be travelling overseas. Daniela Rafart Cardona will study Psychology at the Universitat Internaçional de Catalunya in Barcelona; Rose Laurent Josi will attend Northeastern, Boston; Finn Campbell will study Business Administration at Loyola Marymount University in LA; Max McNicol will study International Business at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California; and Patrick Brown will read Theatre Studies at Southern Methodist University in Texas.

Please note that details of post-School plans are based on the latest information available and are subject to change. Please let Tracy van der Heiden know of any inaccuracies or updates at vanderheident@stedwardsoxford.org

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