Gaudy Finale – ending the year on a high

The end of the year at Teddies is an occasion like few others; the Gaudy Week festival is a behemoth celebration of all aspects of school life. As the inspirational lead behind the whole operation, Director of Music and the Arts, Alex Tester, put it: over the course of 9 days, the school has had 76 rehearsals, 37 academic events, workshops and trips, 20 major cultural events and 20 major sporting fixtures or events. Simply said, this is some considerable undertaking for the whole school, but what a result!

From the first bar of the rousing Warden’s Special Opera Recital on Friday to the last perfectly pitched note reverberating around the glorious acoustics and surrounds of The Sheldonian Theatre the following Thursday, Gaudy Week was a triumph of the academic, dramatic, artistic and the sporting. Congratulations to one and all on sending the School off into the summer on such a resoundingly successful footing.

Do look out for a full report on Gaudy Week in the upcoming Chronicle and for the Gaudy film, produced by Celia Hodgson OSE, in the next E News.

You can find listed below all of the prize winners from Gaudy:

Kenneth Grahame English Prize Sybilla Hamilton
Lower Sixth English Prize Florence Von Simson
Fifth Form English Prize Abi Drennan
Fourth Form English Prize Cecily Taylor
Shell English Prize Adriane Yeung
Senior Gittings Poetry Prize Florence Clifford
Junior Gittings Poetry Prize Ella Morris
Junior Bradford Martin Reading Prize Patrick Maxwell
David Howorth Drama Prize Selena Thompson
Upper Sixth Theatre Studies Prize Katinka Hughes
Lower Sixth Theatre Studies Prize Caris Baker
Fifth Form Drama Prize Tiggy Jones
Fourth Form Drama Prize Taggie Paganuzzi
Shell Drama Prize Seb Wilcox
Bayford Stone Mathematics Prize Kais Mussa
Upper Sixth Further Mathematics Prize Koji Shukawa
Lower Sixth Further Mathematics Prize Mandy Liang
John Simmonds Mathematics Prize Tammy Wang
Robert Fisher Mathematics Prize Julie Wang
David Cundy Mathematics Prize Arya Cont
Duncan Williams Mathematics Prize Justin Liu
Todd-Oxley Prize San Ittipakorn
Dingwall History Prize Octavia Hamilton
Lower Sixth History Prize Florence Clifford
Fifth Form History Prize Alexander Barrington Brown
Harding Prize Oscar Ross
Woods History Prize Alsu Ishmuratova
Fourth Form History Prize Isabel Llabres Diaz
Shell History Prize Joseph Osei
Upper Sixth History of Art Prize Sophia Majzub
Lower Sixth History of Art Prize Cleo Bates
Eardley Geography Prize Guy Fabian-Hunt
Lower Sixth Geography Prize Elaine Gschwandtner
Victor Ellis Geography Prize Luke Charlesworth
Fourth Form Geography Prize Charlotte Hanslip
Shell Geography Prize Megan Pagett
Upper Sixth Economics Prize Kais Mussa
Lower Sixth Economics Prize Alessandro Corrias
Lower Sixth Politics Prize Joe Barlow
Upper Sixth Philosophy Prize Evie Faber
Lower Sixth Philosophy Prize Jonathan Alpha
Upper Sixth Religious Studies Prize Lettie Neame
Lower Sixth Religious Studies Prize Caris Baker
Fifth Form Religious Studies Prize Kitty Royden
Fourth Form Religious Studies Prize Robin Wheeler
Shell Religious Studies Prize Elise Rance
Styler Classical Civilisation Prize Matthew Hartley
Wilding Greek Prize Seva Khusid
Jellicoe Latin Prize Michael Proskuryakov
Lower Sixth Classical Civilisation Prize Benedict Machin
Lower Sixth Greek Prize Mike Denvir
Lower Sixth Latin Prize Ben Courtney-Guy
Fifth Form Classical Civilisation Prize Roman Tinkov
Brims Greek Prize Sophia Majzub
Fifth Form Latin Prize Abi Drennan
Fourth Form Classical Civilisation Prize Zoe Forbes
Fourth Form Greek Prize Emily Bulmer
Fourth Form Latin Prize Daniel Kennedy
Shell Classical Studies Prize Olga Muravitskaya
Shell Greek Prize Eddie Johnson
Shell Latin Prize Nina Brandler
Lane French Prize Joseph de Ferranti
Brooke Johnson French Prize Tim Hohage
Lower Sixth French Prize Gwendoline Davenport
Lower Sixth French Prize Florence Clifford
Fifth Form French Prize Abi Drennan
Fourth Form French Prize Emily Bulmer
Shell French Prize Isabella Paymaster-Billington
Upper Sixth German Prize Michael Proskuryakov
Lower Sixth German Prize Helena Beccle
Fifth Form German Prize  Izzy Rees
Fourth Form German Prize Isabel Llabres Diaz
Shell German Prize Elena Azais Tatistscheff
Upper Sixth Spanish Prize Lettie Neame
Upper Sixth Spanish Prize Kais Mussa
Lower Sixth Spanish Prize Alexandra Herrtage
Fifth Form Spanish Prize Pim Kanthamanon
Fourth Form Spanish Prize Cecily Taylor
Shell Spanish Prize Alex Niblett
Harvey Shillidy Biology Prize Izzy Degroot
Lower Sixth Biology Prize Ella Leeson
Fifth Form Biology Prize Abi Drennan
Fourth Form Biology Prize Joshua Wilmot
Shell Biology Prize Adriane Yeung
Upper Sixth Psychology Prize Ilana Cope
Lower Sixth Psychology Prize Gwendoline Davenport
Yorke Chemistry Prize Koji Shukawa
Gauntlett Chemistry Prize Ella Leeson
Graham Hodgson Chemistry Prize Kunal Barman
Fourth Form Chemistry Prize Sasha Wolcough
Shell Chemistry Prize Tom McPhail
MedSoc Prize Benjy Bailey
Graham Hodgson Physics Prize Sanders Lau
Michael Ogier Physics Prize Alessandro Corrias
Hugh Atkins Physics Prize Abi Drennan
Fourth Form Physics Prize Joshua Wilmot
Shell Physics Prize Josie Denvir
Upper Sixth Environmental System and Societies Prize Pippa Smith
Lower Sixth Environmental System and Societies Prize Sophie Marston
Upper Sixth Sports Science Prize Peter Ades
Lower Sixth Sports Science Prize Phoebe Taylor
Fifth Form Sports Science Prize Izzy Rees
Fourth Form Sports Science Prize Bertie Gosling
Shell Physical Education Prize Freddie Boanas
Edward Milson Art Prize Anna Millar
Upper Sixth Art Prize Lettie Neame
Upper Sixth Mixed Media Prize Poppy Henderson
Lower Sixth Art Prize Lotus Cooper
Lower Sixth Mixed Media Prize Mandy Liang
Fifth Form Art Prize Daisy Helling
Fifth Form Ceramics Prize Ella Morris
Fourth Form Art Prize Charlotte Hanslip
Shell Art Prize Amelia Morton
Upper Sixth Design Prize Joseph de Ferranti
Lower Sixth Design Prize Archie Green
Lower Sixth Jewellery Prize Rose Bourdillon
Fifth Form Product Design Prize Hannah Hohage
Fifth Form Jewellery Prize Hannah McCrum
Fourth Form Product Design Prize Angus Graham
Fourth Form Jewellery Prize Phoebe Lewis
Shell Design Prize Amelia Morton
Kendall Music Prize Emily Hannis
Lower Sixth Music Prize Ruby Smith
Fifth Form Music Prize Tiggy Jones
Fourth Form Music Prize Kamran Akhavan
Shell Music Prize Josie Denvir
Director of Music’s Prize Benjy Bailey
Gold Music Prize Katinka Hughes
King-Smith Chapel Choir Cup Guy Fabian-Hunt
King-Smith Chapel Choir Cup Annabel MacDonald-Smith
Ferguson Music Prize Naoki Kishida
Ferguson Music Prize Henry Parsons
Dance Prize Fergus Flory
Dance Prize Selena Thompson
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Benjy Bailey
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Ilana Cope
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Octavia Hamilton
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Sybilla Hamilton
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Kyla Haslett-Hawkins
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Pippa Smith
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Matthew Wilkinson
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Winner Tom Wyles
Edward Dingwall Memorial Prize Katinka Hughes
Eric Friedmann Prize Sasha Withers Green
Finnis Prize Fergus Flory
Arthur Banks Prize Tilly Hall
Old St Edward’s Lodge Prize Izzy Degroot
Wade Leadership Prize Annabel MacDonald-Smith
Adams Prize Koji Shukawa
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Benjy Bailey
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Ilana Cope
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Tom Glover
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Maria Gorovater
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Hattie Harries-Jones
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Tim Hohage
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Lucy Hope
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Katinka Hughes
Thomas Chamberlain Medal San Ittipakorn
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Naoki Kishida
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Sanders Lau
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Vania Lay
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Sophia Majzub
Thomas Chamberlain Medal George Newson
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Pippa Smith
Thomas Chamberlain Medal Selena Thompson
Derek Roe Essay Prize (EPQ) Daniel Gill
Derek Roe Essay Prize (EE) Kyla Haslett-Hawkins
Sophie Wilsdon Cup Will Monks
Sophie Wilsdon Cup Rebeca Barden
The Richard Harrison Memorial Fergus Flory
Warden’s Prize Annabel MacDonald-Smith
Warden’s Prize Toby MacLachlan

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