395 – the latest works from the Art Department

The North Wall gallery is exhibiting works of art from the School this week. Unusually, though, this is not an exhibition of pupils’ work, but a selection of pieces by members of the Art Department’s staff, all of whom are practicing and celebrated artists. 

The exhibition, entitled 395, is actually the first exhibited collaboration between this particular group of the school’s arts teachers, with Head of Art Adam Hahn, and members of his team Jane Bowen, Phil Jolley, Sharon Keen, Peter Lloyd-Jones, Nick Permain and Lorraine Turley showing work across a wide range of media. 

Adam Hahn’s exhibited work focuses on ‘selfies’ taken by others and the perspectives of self-expression one can determine from their images. Ceramicist, Phil Jolley, and potter Jane Bowen have, between them, produced an exciting and engaging array of pieces for the exhibition. Sharon Keen has produced a completely unique series of pieces for the exhibition as each print uses natural elements and cannot be replicated. Peter Lloyd-Jones is exhibiting four of his large-scale ink drawings which are based on interiors and still life studies and are preliminary studies for oil paintings. Nick Permain’s exhibited work focuses on reflections of moving house and ‘the memories of the the home that we take with us’, whilst Lorraine Turley’s canvas paintings also draw on memories, in her case, memories of landscapes and places she has visited in Scotland and Iceland. 

The exhibition is available until Friday 3rd May, and many of these fantastic pieces are available to purchase.

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