IB Results 2017

Today’s IB results reveal our hardworking pupils’ success in a wide range of subjects. We are delighted to report that they will now go on to confirm places at prestigious universities in the UK and overseas.

The Warden said, ‘It has been incredibly pleasing to see take-up of the IB grow at St Edward’s. Now at 50/50 A Level/IB we are considered one of the fastest growing IB schools in the country. It is important to St Edward’s that our pupils have a choice – different programmes suit different people. It is clear, though, that the IB is suitable for a broad range of academic abilities, not just the academic elite. Many of this year’s successful candidates achieved higher marks than they might have done at A Level simply because the working style suited them.’

‘Congratulations to all our successful candidates, and best of luck to our A Level and GCSE pupils whose turn will come in August.’

Aaron Gruen was awarded the highest possible score of 45 points, a feat achieved by less than 1% of IB candidates worldwide. Aaron received three offers from Ivy League universities in the US – Cornell, Columbia and Brown – and will now take up his place at Brown to pursue a dual degree in Chemistry and Music.

Ten further pupils achieved 40 points or more, equating to a string of A*/A at A Level:

James Moore-Stanley, 42, Medicine at Manchester University

Nicola Roberts, 42, Philosophy at Bristol

Carolina Rimoldi, 41, French and Russian at Christ Church, Oxford

Anamika Pillai, 41, History at University College, London

Eleanore Wood, 41, Geography at Edinburgh

Konstantinos Doxiadis, 41, Philosophy, Trinity, Cambridge

Paul Beckers, 40, Engineering at a university in Germany

Fergus Cameron Watt, 40, Economic and Politics, Exeter

Will Deasy, 40, Economics and Geography, Leeds

Izzy Barrand, 40, Management Sciences, Loughborough University

Elsewhere, Vera Gorlacheva, 39, will take up her place at New York University; Carlos Duran de Prado, 38, will study Accounting and Finance at the London School of Economics; Minna Howorth, 38, will study Psychology at Durham; and Jess Lee, 37, will study Philosophy at King’s College London.

The average point score overall was 35; 56% of Higher Level grades were at 6 or 7.

6th July 2017

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