Shells at Youlbury

As part of their first week induction, the Shells went to Youlbury Scout Camp on Sunday  for an afternoon of activities.  Having spent a lot of the first week getting to know each other in their own House, this was a chance for them to have fun and interact with people from other Houses.  They started with some group work activities – the Quad Side Houses were slightly quicker than Field side Houses at lining themselves in order of distance they lived from Teddies – and the groups that were able to make the longest word out of ‘Team Shells at Youlbury’ managed ‘treasure’, ‘teammates’ and ‘relatable’ – well done to the girls in Mac’s, Avenue, Jubilee and Corfe.
Groups of pupils from different Houses then took part in a range of adventurous activities including zip wires, a 3G swing, abseiling , climbing, crate stacking and archery. Shells give us their thoughts below:  

  • Fantastic bonding experience. Although I had never done shooting before, it will most certainly became my favourite thing and somehow Alexander and I managed to get the highest score. (Nassir Al Saud, Cowells)
  • My first weekend at St Edward’s could not have been more adventurous. Youlbury was a place of fun, bonding and anxious activities.  It was a challenge but it wouldn’t be fun if it wasn’t. (Daisy Helling, Jubilee)
  • My favourite activity was abseiling. Although I am scared of heights, I pushed through and I enjoyed every second of it. (Patrick Lindley, Tilly’s)
  • My favourite activities were abseiling and climbing. It was fun to be so high up from the ground as you could see just over the tree line for miles. (Tallulah Willoughby-Messer, Avenue)
  • I was really excited to bond and meet new people from the Shells. It was an amazing environment. (Aliya Jones, Mac’s)
  • Youlbury 2016 was a perfect blend of bonding, activities and fun. (Joshua Roy, Sing’s)
  • I loved climbing because I was a lot better at it than I thought I’d be! (Gareth Culley, Tilly’s)
  • Youlbury was interesting to say the least. Nobody really knew what to expect. (Oliver Wivell, Cowell’s)
  • I know I definitely made some new friends. (Anna Bray, Avenue)
  • We were faced with a slightly daunting yet extremely exciting activity….sitting in a harness type seat, being pulled up beyond the treetops and suddenly be dropped to the ground! It was very exhilarating. (Lottie Miller, Avenue)

More images from Youlbury can be found in the Gallery

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