The Highland Fling

Jules Flory, Friends’ Committee, writes: It was with great amusement that the enthusiastic parents amongst us dug out our dancing pumps and tartan to join in the Highland Fling organised by the Friends of St Edward’s in the Hall on Saturday.

The evening catered for everyone, whether they were accomplished dancers or just keen to find out what it was all about. A large group of parents was joined by a smattering of pupils, mostly from the Sixth Form Caledonian Society, but also a few arm-twisted boys in the Fourth Form (and who cared if some of them had to be girls for the evening!).

We were fortunate enough to be piped in by George MacPherson and Richard Powell, and then John Carroll and his band took up the strain.  We immediately launched into the ‘Gay Gordons’ – always a good start – but were immediately challenged by an unknown: the ‘Virginia Water’ – this was a new on me and in particular the ‘Dosey Doe’. Not one I recall from my Scottish upbringing! Reputations salvaged, we moved back into more comfortable territory and the ‘Dashing White Sergeant’ which has the advantage of managing to include pretty much everyone!

Time for a break, which was quite a relief for those of us who are not students anymore.  The Catering Department ensured we were well-nourished with cheese platters and a bar – so thank you to them.  And then the Pipers felt that this was their moment and took to the platform — no rest for the wicked …!

Moving onto the second half: our caller guided us through the ‘Reel of the 51st Division’ and then the ‘Hamilton House’ – a little more challenging, but by that stage we were well into the swing of things. Slightly alarmingly I found myself opposite the lilac-trousered Warden but with everyone entering into the spirit of things, great fun was had all round. Miss Tiggy Jones’ reeling was also impressive. Speaking of staff, who knew that the Rev Kerr is quite the mover in his kilt? Mr Creed also showed an excellent pair of legs — knee down!

No evening is complete without the ‘Eightsome Reel’ and it was on this note that we drew to the end of our dancing. By this stage everyone was very relaxed, and took the opportunity to display  more individual creative dance moves within our circles.

Thanks go to Brenda MacRitchie for her swathes of tartan, and Clare Coull and Andrew Versochyle for decorating the Hall.

‘Should Auld Acquaintance be Forgot’ — well not that night — a great success and congratulations to all!

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