Recent Projects

Over the last few years we have invested significant sums in improving and enhancing the School’s infrastructure, financed by careful management of our income and assisted by the continuing generosity of our benefactors.


he Ogston Music School is transforming the musical life of St Edward’s. Designed by Tim Ronalds Architects, this wonderful new facilityThe Ogston Music School - Design by Tim Ronalds Architects features a wide array of rehearsal spaces, a recital room, a recording studio and dedicated music library, with many of the rooms being generously sponsored by individuals and families. We are indebted to former parent, Hamish Ogston, and the Garfield Weston Foundation, who were the principal donors to the project. Click on the video to the right to view the journey of how The Ogston Music School has become part of St Edward’s musical life.
Cost: £7m

The North Wall Arts Centre is a ground-breaking arts initiative, providing a professional theatre and art gallery in combination with teaching and learning facilities. It provides an array of cultural events, educational opportunities and world-class performances for the people of Oxford and beyond. The North Wall’s raison d’etre is to nurture new talent, to inspire young people to participate in the arts, and to break down perceived barriers to making a career in the arts industry. For further information, visit:
Cost: £4.1m

The Ogston Building is home to the School’s Biology and Sports Science departments and is a flagship in sustainable design, setting new standards in school buildings. Formally opened in March 2009 by Baroness Ruth Deech, and officially named for donor Hamish Ogston as part of the 150th Anniversary celebrations, the building accommodates six Biology laboratories and two Sports Studies classrooms.
Cost: £4.0m

The Martyrs Pavilion was funded by the kind generosity of OSE. Designed by celebrated architect John Pawson, it provides the School with an outstanding modern pavilion with all the essential features of a traditional one. The building is eye catching and affords a wonderful elevated view of the Square and the School beyond. The Long Room also acts as an excellent venue for events, seating up to 64 people for meals and many more for standing receptions. The building was opened by Lord Sandberg of Passfield (OSE) in September 2009.
Cost: £0.85M

martyrs pavilion
Picture © Gilbert McCarragher

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