St Edward’s embraces developments in music, particularly in the material being produced from sequencing and composing software, and in the possibilities of using a recording studio creatively.


e have a set-up of 6 Macs running Ableton and Logic, and these are also connected up to a live room, enabling full recording facilities for any soloist, ensemble or choir.

Music technology is therefore introduced to every Shell in their first year, and is then offered in a series of workshops as they progress through the School. Those who wish to particularly develop this area can take up the 1:1 lessons (as per an instrumental lesson) with a recording engineer/composer, or take up the options as part of the GCSE Music course. We also offer an A Level in Music Technology.

The rock and pop bands then link up with music tech. The School’s new RockSoc is led by a committee of Sixth Formers who set up gigs from different year groups, two or three times a term. Whether you are the next Jessie J, or the next Killers; whether you are David Guetta or Bonobo — there is the chance to perform to your peers and to act as the headliner or the support act, sometimes in conjunction with other bands from Oxford’s club scene.

The School’s reputation in rock and pop is not new: OSE boys and girls have enjoyed success with bands like The Glass Animals, A Silent Film, The Dreaming Spires, Wild Swim and Candy Says, as well as DJs such as Kattison and TwoGood..

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