Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships at St Edward’s are available for entry at 13+ and 16+

The closing date for 13+ and 16+ Sports Scholarship applications for entry in September 2020 has now passed. The deadline for applications for entry in September 2021 will be in October 2020. 


e offer scholarships and exhibitions to candidates who will become leading sporting figures in the school and to those with the potential to reach regional, national and international competitions. Scholars and exhibitioners join our elite athlete programme known as Team St Edward’s, developed in partnership with international athletes and coaches.

Candidates will show considerable natural ability and will have begun to reach outstanding levels in one or more of our major sports (see below for details). We are looking for enthusiastic leaders and team players who display talent, potential and good sportsmanship. They will justify their scholarship by acting as an example to others through their high levels of motivation and determination. All candidates must submit a list of sports in which they show particular potential. This list must be ranked in order of strength and claims should be substantiated by testimonials and reports.

All candidates will be baseline-tested, assessed in depth on all of the school’s major sports and also assessed on any additional sports listed in their application. Awards may be made to those showing exceptional potential in one particular sport and candidates wishing to take this route must indicate their intention on the application form. In such instances, we will be looking for proven or potential performance in a national team. Sports scholarships will more normally be given to candidates with strong ability in two or more sports. As a guide, the qualifying standards for this are county or 1st team level.

When possible, arrangements will be made for an appropriate member of St Edward’s staff to observe the applicant in action.

To apply for a Sports Scholarship, please download and complete the relevant application form from the blue box to the left or top of screen, depending on the type of device you are using.

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