Years 9 (13+) and Year 10 (14+) Entry

St Edward’s welcomes:

  • Approx 145 pupils into the Shell Year (Y9), aged 13
  • Children at prep schools come via Common Entrance
  • Children who are not at prep schools take our own 13+ entrance exams in January of the year of entry
  • All 13+ candidates may sit the Academic Scholarship exams

Approximately 10 pupils into the Fourth Form (Y10) to begin IGCSE and GCSE courses. These children sit our own 14+ entrance exams in January of the year of entry.

Pupils applying from overseas whose first language is not English must submit a UKISET test before registration.

For details of scholarships (Years 9 and 12 only) and bursaries, click here.

How to apply for a place in Year 9 (13+): the Shell Year

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