Advice and guidance on Careers and Higher Education at St Edward’s play an important role in the lives of pupils as they progress through the School.


upils work with a team of four staff, who are always on hand, and have a dedicated and unique programme to help guide pupils through decisions that can have so significant a bearing on their lives.

Fundamental to both Careers Education and to Higher Education at Teddies is the early engagement with pupils. Pupils will meet and begin working with the team early in their time at the School, beginning a process that continues right through to the Upper Sixth and beyond.

For more information about all aspects of the Careers and Higher Education team and the School’s approach, please click on the headings below.

Higher Education


e have a team of three to help with Higher Education advice and have a great deal on offer.

The School is committed to starting the process of discussing the next steps early with pupils, providing a comprehensive preparation for the decisions in front of them. The team ensure that pupils are well equipped to make informed decisions in the Fifth Form, selecting subjects they will need for their chosen university course and/or the career they have in mind.

Beyond offering guidance on their subject choices, whether for GCSE, IGCSE, IB or A Level, the pupils also receive support in identifying and preparing for any additional tests they may be required to take, such as LNAT, UKCAT, HAT, SATs, and are given advice on others, such as ACTs.

Teddies also benefit from having an expert on the US application process to help guide pupils looking to study in North America to find the right institution for them. This includes the Ivy League institutions, but finding the right choice for the pupil and their chosen course is always at the heart of this process (see Overseas Advice section for more information).

For those with an interest in continuing their education in the UK, the School offers a comprehensive Oxbridge Programme, as well as guidance on the application process to other destinations, whether through UCAS or otherwise.

These might include popular arts destinations such as: Falmouth School of Art; Central St. Martins and Camberwell College; University of the Arts, London; or music destinations including: Laine Theatre Arts, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Bristol Institute of Modern Music and the Birmingham Conservatoire.

The main programme for Higher Education in the Sixth Form is concentrated primarily on the Lower Sixth, helping them with research, discussions with experts and tutors, preparing them and helping them to write a good Personal Statement. The Upper Sixth continue to receive support and help on making the right choices from their offers.

Pupils are encouraged to make use of the advantages offered by being situated in a world-renowned university city, not just for the academic opportunities available from the two universities, but also the museums, galleries, concerts and other amenities. The proximity of London also means that pupils are able to easily attend any events in the capital useful to their applications.

The department offers a number of events, some compulsory and some optional. Examples include:

  • Research training in the Lower Sixth ensuring they have a full understanding of courses’ entry requirements.
  • A Russell Group representative is invited to speak to the whole Lower Sixth in January, explaining what admissions officers are looking for in an application.
  • A Parents’ Higher Education meeting takes place in February, with a panel answering any questions Lower Sixth parents have.
  • Pupils considering applications receive a talk from representatives of the major London universities: Imperial; KCL; UCL; and LSE.
  • A Star Future is a company that specialises in aiding British pupils looking to study abroad. They give a talk to pupils each year and can be contacted at any time for further advice.
  • A Personal Statement Workshop takes place in June to help prepare pupils for writing this crucial aspect of their applications.

The School has a strong team advising on Higher Education, all of whom may be contacted by email to discuss or meet with those parents with questions as required:

Contact Nicola Hunter, Head of Higher Education

Contact Matthew Fletcher or Flora Nelson, Heads of the Oxbridge Programme

Contact Steve Fenoglio, Adviser on US and Canadian Universities

Use the interactive link below to find relevant information from UCAS about the application process and the steps required.

Careers and Employability

Careers Education at St Edward’s is delivered to pupils individually from the start of the Fifth Form and continues throughout their Sixth Form years. There is nothing unusual in that. What is perhaps unusual is that the Careers Education Department continues to be available to OSE during their gap year, if they take one, and throughout their time at university. Pupils who do not go to university enjoy exactly the same availability for the corresponding period. On a number of occasions we have also worked with past pupils after they have left university, adding guidance and advice to help them navigate career moves and job changes.

What is also unusual is the programme of careers education we offer. The Fifth Form is not the time to decide pupils’ careers. It is a time to encourage open discussion on  a wide range of future possibilities, remembering that a Fifth Former’s first professional job applications may be another six or seven years away.

During their time in the Fifth and Sixth Forms, and especially in their individual careers meetings, our pupils are introduced to the significance of employability. Employability is the mix of experiences, attributes and skills that a pupil needs to acquire in conjunction with his or her academic qualifications. It is employability that will differentiate him or her as a future “must interview” candidate, rather than yet another applicant.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our Careers Education programme, please contact the Head of Department, James Vaughan-Fowler at

Oxbridge Programme


t Edward’s offers a tailored programme towards the Oxbridge entrance requirements.

During Fourth and Fifth Forms, the Heads of the Oxbridge Programme, Flora Nelson and Matthew Fletcher, work with the Higher Education team, subject tutors and House staff in identifying and having conversations with pupils who have an interest in, or would be suitable for, an Oxbridge application.

Matthew and Flora are always available to give individual guidance on a pupil’s suitability, ensuring that each pupil is confident in, and comfortable with, the path they are taking. Pupils are also given every opportunity to equip themselves with the information they need in making their decision. Admissions Tutors are invited to give talks to pupils at the School, and visits to colleges and open days are regularly arranged, whilst there are also opportunities to meet and speak with current Oxbridge OSEs. 

Parents are also kept fully briefed by the team on suitable upcoming events in support of their child’s application, and will receive regular communication on their individual progress.

When pupils are preparing to apply, they can expect to receive a carefully considered and individually tailored support package, with weekly meetings with Subject Mentors, critical thinking workshops, and a comprehensive – not to mention inspiring – framework for pupils’ independent super-curricular explorations.

When making an application, pupils will again receive individually tailored support on:

  • The application process throughout the Autumn Term, guiding them through the process.
  • Interview preparation workshops and rigorous mock interviews.

The interviews for Oxbridge applicants have a reputation for being challenging and good preparation with a team well versed in their rigours is a huge benefit to pupils at Teddies.

All of the benefits above are available to OSE wishing to apply to Oxbridge after leaving St Edward’s.

For more information:

Contact Flora Nelson or Matthew Fletcher, Heads of the Oxbridge Programme.

If you are thinking of applying, or believe you have what it takes to pass an Oxbridge interview, why not test your mettle with some real questions asked in previous entrance interviews:

  • How would you poison someone without the police finding out? (Medicine, Cambridge)
  • How do you organise a successful revolution? (History, Oxford)
  • What would happen if you drilled through the Earth all the way to the other side and then jumped into the hole? (Engineering, Cambridge)

Overseas Advice


teve Fenoglio works with pupils considering an application to overseas institutions, especially in the US and Canada. 

He has more than 20 years of professional experience in international higher education at UK and US institutions, working with over 100 universities and colleges. 

Steve advises pupils and parents, giving one-to-one guidance, and liaises with House staff, tutors and universities for all those interested in making North American university applications.

He is able to apply his expert knowledge and experience to taking pupils through the intricacies of the Common Application, or other entry forms for those institutions not subscribing to the Common App.

During Fifth Form, when ACT/SAT exams are being planned, Steve gives advice to pupils about effective channels of research and constructive preparation for their exams.

Steve is also well placed to arrange for speakers from US universities and organises workshops for pupils to build on the different elements required for their applications.

Northeastern University, USA – Campus in Fall

For those considering making an application for any type of scholarship, Steve is able to offer invaluable insights into the process, guiding pupils and parents along all the steps of the application.

For more information about the advice and guidance offered to those making overseas applications:

Contact Steve Fenoglio, Adviser on US and Canadian Universities

The majority of St Edward’s pupils go on to study at some of the most prestigious institutions, both in the UK and overseas, with some 80% of leavers attending Russell Group or equally prestigious institutions. The School offers expert advice on the wide range of options available to pupils in the USA and Canada, highlighting options that would be most suitable to pupils considering applying overseas, and can give guidance on the application process. You may view the recent Higher Education destinations of leavers here.

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