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here are currently 12 boarding Houses at St Edward’s, 7 for boys and 5 for girls, with day pupils living and sharing space with the approximately 85% of the School who board. Those choosing to board are opting to take the extra time and space it affords to explore the exceptional range of activities on offer.

New school coach service

As of September 2018, a new weekend coach service will be introduced at St Edward’s. Boarders will be able to return to school on Sunday evenings using a new school coach service leaving South Kensington in London at 7pm and returning to Oxford for about 8.45pm, with a further pick up point in Beaconsfield.

Weekends at Teddies

Weekends are the key ingredient to boarding school life. St Edward’s has recently introduced new, more flexible weekend arrangements. The new setup enables boarding pupils to get the best of both worlds: having a moment away to recharge among the comforts of home, or taking advantage of all that merits a Teddies weekend in Oxford.

With a large majority of the School choosing to board, weekends are a lively time to be at St Edward’s. Pupils enjoy the varied weekend programme, which features everything from performances by well-known acts from screen and radio to informal BBQs, cinema trips and House dinners.

For the large numbers of pupils involved in concerts, productions, dance and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, weekends are the perfect time to rehearse or to practice. Many, particularly in the older years, enjoy the space and facilities for quiet study. 

The full weekend schedule may be viewed in the booklets below. Hard copies are available from the Admissions Department.

On Sunday afternoons, pupils may also go into Summertown, or into the centre of Oxford (a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride away), where there is a huge range of shops, cafes, cinemas, galleries and amenities; pupils must be with a friend to visit either location.

Boarders who prefer to spend some or all of their weekends at home have a choice. They may go home on Saturday afternoon after sport or other commitments; or, if they stay in School on Saturday night to enjoy the evening’s activities, they may go home after Chapel on Sunday (at about 11.00am). Whichever option they choose, they must be back in School by 9.00pm on Sunday.

Leave Weekends and Exeats

A formal Leave Weekend occurs in each Half Term starting on Thursday after sport or lunchtime on Friday (depending on the term) and ending at 9.00pm on Sunday evening. Half Term weeks (Exeats) generally run from Friday at 1.00pm until 9.00pm the following Sunday. For information on the exact arrangements for each Leave Weekend and Exeat, please see the Term Dates here.

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