“It’s fantastic. Teaching staff have no idea whether my son is a day boy or a boarder. I think it’s really wonderful — they are so well integrated that it makes no difference. This is unusual.”

Current parent


With 85% of our pupils boarding, a significant proportion of the community is in School at weekends. Pupils enjoy the varied weekend programme, which features everything from headline comedy acts, rock groups and DJs – often major names on the circuit – to informal BBQs, cinema trips and House dinners. For the large numbers of pupils involved in concerts, productions, dance and the Duke of Edinburgh Award, weekends are the perfect time to rehearse or to practise. Many, particularly in the older years, enjoy the space and facilities for quiet study. The opportunity to spend Sunday afternoons relaxing with friends in the cafés, shops and cinemas of Oxford is a further and considerable attraction.

Boarders who prefer to spend some or all of their weekends at home have a choice. They may go home on Saturday afternoon after sport or other commitments; or, if they stay in School on Saturday night to enjoy the evening’s activities, they may go home after Chapel on Sunday (at about 11.00am). Whichever option they choose, they must be back in School by 9.00pm on Sunday.

The full weekend schedule may be viewed in the booklets below. Hard copies are available from the Admissions Department.

Leave Weekends and Exeats

A formal Leave Weekend occurs in each Half Term starting on Thursday after sport or lunchtime on Friday (depending on the term) and ending at 9.00pm on Sunday evening. Half Term weeks (Exeats) generally run from Friday at 1.00pm until 9.00pm the following Sunday.

Day Pupils

Day pupils are allocated rooms in Houses and are as much part of the school community as their boarding peers; there are two to three day places per House per year. Day pupils may leave School at 6.30pm during the week if they have no school commitments but many choose to stay on until 9.00pm for supervised prep, extracurricular activities or leisure time with their friends. On Saturday afternoons, day pupils go home after sport or other commitments.



Pupils may go into Summertown, a small, bustling ‘village’ 2 minutes from School, at the end of the school day as long as they are with a friend. Summertown is home to many cafés, coffee shops and supermarkets and also features useful retail outlets such as Boots, a bookshop and a stationers’. On Sunday afternoons, pupils may also go into Summertown, or into the centre of Oxford (a 15 minute walk or 5 minute bus ride away), where there is a huge range of shops, cafes, cinemas, galleries and amenities; pupils must be with a friend to visit either location.

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