Click here to access Parent Portal:            click here


Click here to download the School Parent Portal User Guide.

If you experience any difficulties accessing the parent portal, please alert our IT Dept via email at the following address:

As parents of St Edward’s pupils you can now check:

  • Pupil timetable, teaching set and teachers
  • Your personal details and notify changes
  • Billing details
  • School reports and grade cards

In order to access your part of the Portal you will need a User Name and Password (case sensitive). These are sent to you by post.

The user name sent to you is only part of your Parent Portal User Name – on the log-in you will need to prefix it with: stedward\

For example if the user name sent to you was ‘smith001’ then your Parent Portal user name would be: stedward\smith001

To see your children’s reports and grade cards this term, simply click on the “inquiries” button, select “School reports” and select the one you would like to see from the list shown.

Please Note: We support the following browsers for the portal, Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox, Safari 5.1.2+. If you are using a Mac you will need to update to OSX Lion version or above.

If you have any problems with the system then please click here for a document on how to fix the issue (Mac only).

We can also use viewer software to help you. For Mac click here, and PC click here

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